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Several cartoon collections are available, and S. Harris owns the copyright to all the cartoons in the books. Therefore, it will be easy for you to get reprint permission and reproducible copy.

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Can't You Guys Read? Cartoons on Academia
From preschoolers to emeriti, there are jabs here at education and cultural literacy.
Published 1991



49 Dogs, 36 Cats and a Platypus
Not just talking dogs, but talking anteaters, wart hogs, pigeons, bugs (including a dung beetle), skunks and pigs—but the platypus doesn't say a word.
Published 1999


The Five Biggest Ideas in Science
Illustrated by S. Harris
While a chemistry professor explains the periodic law and physics professor diagrams the atom, S. Harris's cartoons help illuminate these fascinating ideas.
Published 1997

Einstein Atomized: More Science Cartoons
The Research Mall, Fermat's First Theorem and six Dr. Quark comic strips!
Published 1996

Chalk Up Another One: The Best of Sidney Harris
Beginning with the famous Miracle and ending with The Meaning of Life, this collection covers just about everything in between.
Published 1992

From Personal Ads to Cloning Labs: More Science Cartoons from Sidney Harris
As Darwin slides into third base and Mozart goes digital, Dr. Quark's comic strip pops up every twenty pages or so.
Published 1992

Science Goes to the Dogs
This title is out-of-print, but the author has all of the remaining copies. You can purchase them directly from him for $10 each, postage paid. Complete the Contact form, and specify that you are interested in purchasing a copy of this title.
Isaac Asimov wrote the introduction to this collection of dog drawings. You may be appalled to discover what Galileo really threw off the Tower of Pisa.
Published 1985

Einstein Simplified: Cartoons on Science
Now in its fifth printing, the last page depicts the entire universe in its actual size.
Published 1980


Freudian Slips: Cartoons on Psychology
Whether you're a Freudian or a Jungian, you'll agree this book is the perfect therapy.
Published 1997


The Interactive Toaster
Did Orville Wright want to eat airline food? Do you get T-Mail from your toaster? Ever call in the company optimist?
Published 1997


So Sue Me! Cartoons on the Law
From the high crime area where kickbacks and price fixing are rampant to the illegal aliens from Mars, the law is lambasted here.
Published 1993


Stress Test: Cartoons on Medicine
You've heard of Hippocrates. Here you can find the father of the upward spiral of health care costs.
Published 1994


101 Funny Things About Global Warming
In this outrageous send-up of global warming, Sidney Harris and his cartoonist colleagues comment on today's most inconvenient truths.
Published 2007

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There Goes the Neighborhood: Cartoons on the Environment
If you're overwhelmed by the mess we've made of our environment, stretch out under a tree (remember them?) with this collection.
Published 1996


Aside From the Cockroach, How Was Everything?
The latest S. Harris collection---on a subject of interest to anyone who eats! From a greasy spoon's wellness special to gourmet leftovers, you'll find many surprises on our menu.
Published 2013

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