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Aside From The Cockroach, How Was Everything? Cartoons on the Dangers of Eating

The latest S. Harris collection---on a subject of interest to anyone who eats! From a greasy spoon's wellness special to gourmet leftovers, you'll find many surprises on our menu.

It's not easy to know when you're eating something that has been genetically modified or irradiated, or if it contains salmonella or e-coli. You may not know if you're eating something that has too many calories, has questionable food coloring, or has not been prepared in the cleanest manner possible. But you'd certainly know if a cockroach was sitting on your salad, and although this might be the least of these hazards, it would be sure to cause the greatest commotion. We can't live only on boiled organic broccoli, so the cartoons in this book might give you a heads up on what's out there.

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