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101 Funny Things About Global Warming

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In this outrageous send-up of global warming, Sidney Harris and his
cartoonist colleagues comment on today's most inconvenient truths. "101 Funny Things About Global Warming" features never-before-seen work from New Yorker contributors Jack Ziegler, Gahan Wilson and Sam Gross, Tom Hachtman’s 'Gertrude (Stein)' comic strips, leading British cartoonist Ed McLachlan, a 4-page comic strip by MacArthur fellow Ben Katchor, 'Bizarro' creator Dan Piraro, and about fifty pages by Sidney Harris, among others.

The collection points out how far we've come, and how far we have to go in protecting the environment.

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Solar Panels - S. Harris

Protect the Earth - S. Harris

Lee Iacocca - S. Harris

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